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Alpha Sakhi Period Pain Relief Drops

Alpha Sakhi Period Pain Relief Drops

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She will pick you up when you stumble, she will be there for you in your difficult times, she understands without your words.

We have your Sakhi, your best friend. With Alpha Sakhi for period problems, suit your femininity, navigate your menstrual cycle easily, and find relief during the monthly hustle. Stuffed with the properties of nature's best-chosen analgesics, Pudina(Mint) & Kapoor(Camphor), Ayurveda for period problems has your back!

Trust the harmless benefits of archaic Ayurveda and walk into your every day like a goddess!

Lic. No. MP/25D/20/789

Country of Origin


Key Ingredients

'Nature's Premium Gift'

If you wonder what makes Sakhi trustworthy for women, here's the transparent ecstasy of nature, extracted and processed till the beneficial potential. 

  • Pudina, or mint-containing Menthol, is a natural muscle relaxant and an excellent palliative. It relieves pain and aids uterine muscle relaxation for relief from discomfort. 
  • Ajwain or Carom contains thymol, which is anti-spasmodic, soothes uterine muscle contractions, and relieves cramps. It also acts as a digestive aid that works on bloating, a common menstrual problem!
  • Kapoor or Camphor, unfurling its anti-inflammatory flag, sails through the body, relieving both inflammation and the discord of menstrual pain.

Every woman deserves a trustworthy companion during her monthly journey!

Usage Instructions

The 'Ease of Use' 

Dear woman, ease into self-care with Alpha Sakhi, an Ayurvedic remedy for period irregularities. Add three drops to warm water, mix well, and sip: Days 1 & 2 - every 6 hours; Day 3 - every 8 hours; Day 4 - every 12 hours. Sakhi, an Ayurvedic tonic for period problems, is formulated to help balance hormonal fluctuations, promoting regular menstrual cycles as it balances the Pitta & Kapha.

And, hey! Also, remember to stay hydrated and consume a well-balanced diet to keep on top of your feminine health! 

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