Ayurvedic Medicine Manufacturer & Seller

With its unique art of manufacturing, Alpha Arogya has a large capacity unit to manufacture a significant amount of medicines every month. Besides, there are various products including Oils, Ointments, Lotions, Liquid Sprays and Cosmetics.

We have a complete range of Ayurvedic Medicines and Cosmetics in various forms of Syrups & Liquid Drops, Tablets & Capsules, Powders & Granules, Oil & Ointment, cosmetics such as Massage Oils, Facial Creams and other products with an attractive packaging and suitable pack sizes. Thus, we have a broad vision of providing economical cost to our buyers along with quality in products.

  • About Us

    Alpha Arogya is a holistic medicinal concept to heal the whole body from your head to the toe. Our company believes in making pure and high-quality Ayurvedic medicines that naturally heal, prevent and control common to chronic diseases without side effects and suits everyone who use them. On our website you will find all kinds of medicines to heal various health issues like headache, snoring, pains, arthritis, skin problems and more.

  • Our Mission

    Our mission is to become a leading Ayurvedic Medicine company by developing, producing and commercializing safe and effective medicines for the cure of different diseases. We continuously try to maintain the highest standard of quality, thus developing benchmarks, which allow us to give the best to our patients, the medical society, our team and the members of association.

  • Technical Team

    Alpha Arogya, with the help of a dedicated technical team, manufactures Ayurvedic Medicines and cosmetics to bring out safe & useful therapeutic products, thus giving significant benefits to its patients and customers.