About Us

It nurtures, it protects, and it works! 

From the break of dawn, as you open your eyes till you lay down, calling it a night, life has become intertwined and full of shift. In the 'work-life balance' era, health must be maintained. To balance today's lifestyle, we have bought you the best from Ayurveda, procured from the healing lap of Mother Nature. 

Ayurvedic herbs

Making Ayurveda the 'Alpha'!

You may choose one core area, but nature has its course. Experience targeted healing but with an add-on of other 'Side benefits.' From capsules, granules, and powders to oils and drops, we trust in transparency!

Dodge the chemicals from your shelf, making space for ancient and natural wellness!

From symptomatic colds to managing a chronic concern, from general wellness to pain relief, nature has a cure for everything! We found it, refined it to perfection, and packed it with a bit of love and a lot of pure benefits!

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