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Alpha ENB Ear & Nose Pain Relief

Alpha ENB Ear & Nose Pain Relief

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It begins before birth and affects our bodies for the whole of our lives. It is the juncture of entry for a healthy life! We're talking about your Navel. Alpha ENB is an Ayurvedic treatment for the belly button. In Ayurveda, the belly button holds the enigma to cure many ailments and pains since around 72,000 nerves are connected with vital body parts, including the ear and nose.

One drop in the right place can treat multiple problems with precision! 

Lic. No. MP/25D/20/789

Country of Origin


Key Ingredients

What do we put in? 

Well, purity to begin with! 

According to Ayurveda, the belly button is a flow point in the body.  

Mint or Pudina is not only refreshing but has anti-microbial properties that keep a long distance between your ear, nose, belly, and infections. It also works like your friend who keeps you calm and soothed throughout. 

Carom Seeds or Ajwain is always a green flag for all the people suffering from digestive problems. Its anti-bacterial and healing properties take care of your ears and nasal cavity, all while reducing discomfort. Enjoy your Samosa or Pakoda stress-free!  

Rose water is not only used for skin, its cooling effects have made it excellent for balancing the Pitta Dosha. Rose water is great for stabilizing heat-related imbalances. Not only this, it is also moisturizing and soothing! 

No side effects and extra added benefits, and that is the charm of Ayurveda!

Usage Instructions

One Drop & Stop 

All you need to jumpstart is one drop of this miraculous ayurvedic medicine for the ear, nose, and belly buttons. Pour a single drop in the related area regularly, and you will soon observe the Ayurveda difference!

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