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Alpha 21 Ayurvedic Cough Medicine

Alpha 21 Ayurvedic Cough Medicine

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Sore throat, blocked respiratory airways, and cough,

with the golden benefits of Ayurveda, you can now call it 'Enough.'

There can be multiple causes of cough & sore throat, but Ayurveda has one solution for all of them! Alpha 21 is an Ayurvedic medicine for cough. Jam-packed with benevolence from Mother Nature, clove, mint, carom seeds, camphor & more.

Re-balance your Kapha Dosha and regain your body's equilibrium. Find your balance the foolproof way. Trust the healing power of nature; trust Alpha 21!

Lic. No. MP/25D/20/789

Country of Origin


Key Ingredients

Multiple root causes, one-stop solution!

A little of this, a lot of that, nature's bliss, with Ayurveda, purity is a fact!

A cocktail of good health!

After a long process of refinement, etching out the best remedial herbs and then bringing them together in their full potency to heal you and make you stronger. Here is why Alpha 11 is the best Ayurvedic remedy for cough. 

Clove or Laung is not only the hero of a masala chai(slurp!) but is also a solid anti-microbial & expectorant. It helps balance the Kapha Dosha by removing excess mucus and fighting off infections and pathogens, generating warmth. 

Mint or Pudina is a dungeon of benefits. It is not only loaded with anti-inflammatory properties but also has anti-spasmic tendencies to reduce discomfort. 

It is 'heal' and 'good feel' altogether!

Carom Seeds or Ajwain is anciently well-known for easing digestive distress. Carom seeds contribute to restoring Kapha balance and alleviating cough symptoms. Yes, Acid Reflux can also cause persistent cough, and our superhero, clove, is also a Bronchodilator that widens your respiratory passage!  

Camphor or Kapoor eases congestion and stimulates your respiratory tract, making you stress less & breathe easy! Experience Kapoor's cooling and revitalizing benefits with Alpha 21 Ayurvedic medicine for cough.

Usage Instructions

A Dose of Relief & Comfort

A healthy respiratory system is like a nightingale's throat!  

All you need to do is blend three drops of Alpha 21 Ayurvedic cough medicine with a quarter teaspoon of salt in warm water. Give it a good stir.

Have a small sip, gargle, and swallow the mixture every two hours. If your cough sticks around, you can take more.

Keep taking this medicine for ten days, even if you feel better. Don't skip any doses.

Take Alpha-21 three to four times daily, depending on your recovery.  

Nothing to lose, only gain, and that's the magic of Ayurveda!

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