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Alpha 11 Fast Headache Relief Oil

Alpha 11 Fast Headache Relief Oil

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We cure headaches in nature's ancient way!

When you choose Ayurveda, you choose to solve the root cause of your discomfort rather than ascertaining temporary relief. Alpha 11 is an Ayurvedic medicine for colds & headaches, formulated with Eucalyptus, Lavender, and menthol, all of which work like magic!

Ayurveda works on the holistic understanding of individual body types (doshas), current imbalances, and overall health, thus solving the root cause.

Bid farewell to a sore head and stuffy nose in a safer way! 

Lic. No. MP/25D/20/789

Country of Origin


Key Ingredients

The Three Musketeers! 

You might have heard about the Three Musketeers; today, we're introducing you to Mother Nature's Three Musketeers for winters, and yeah! Sometimes stress!  

Eucalyptus assists us! Eucalyptus is a natural de-congestant as well as an expectorant. Breathe easy! No more stuffy nose and clogged throat, folks!

Lavender, we wonder! Alpha 11 is our Ayurvedic cure for headache and cold. Also used in aroma therapies, Lavender, a botanical analgesic, reduces stress and inflammation and aids in your REM sleep.   

Menthol, the cooling haul! Not only is it a well-trusted anti-inflammatory, but its cooling effects increase the respiratory tract function and thus increase Oxygen levels, leading to reduced headaches and lightheadedness. Quite simple, right!

This Ayurvedic combination for headaches comprising Eucalyptus, Lavender, and Menthol are perfect concoctions to relieve colds and headaches!

Usage Instructions

A short way of relief!

Take 3-4 drops. Each drop is packed with potential. Rub it along your forehead, chest, and throat, and breathe! Repeat this procedure 3-4 times daily and feel the soothing relief.

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