WhiteGold is a premium natural, herbal formulated product. It is an intercourse period enhancer for both Male and Female. It helps to improve individual’s sexual performance; every time. The male and female both becomes sexually wild after using WhiteGold as it helps in enhancing the sexual performance.

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Prolonged Pleasure:-

It is said and known to human kind that the maximum LUST having creature is the Lion. Its sexual period remains the longest in all creatures. Even after serum discharge of both partners, it remains sexually arouse for hours.

  • Effective in a few seconds
  • Prolonged pleasure for both partners
  • Improve sexual confidence
  • Renew sex drive, making you feel awesome
  • Being herbal product; acts naturally
  • Long-term health benefit!

How To Use

For Man:- Peel the forehead skin of the vital organ; backwards. Apply required quantity of WhiteGold on the forehead, (later you may use more volume as per required stamina). Pull the skin forward and backwards twice or thrice for an even spread of WhiteGold internally.

For Woman:- Spread the vagina with two fingers. Apply required quantity of WhiteGold inside the vagina upon the clitoris, (later you may use more volume as per desire).

ayurveda best

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