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Terms & Conditions

Terms of Use:

Kindly read the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy on the website. Once the Terms and Privacy Policy are read and fully understood, you are legally bound by a contract with us. When you have used the website and made purchase of any products displayed on the website, it is indicated that you are completely in agreement of the Terms and Privacy Policy of the website. We may make amendments to the website from time to time.

Alpha ArogyaPvt. Ltd. is a manufacturer of Ayurvedic Medicines and Products. Our services and products help consumers prevent common ailmentsand maintain a healthy lifestyle. Our focus is always to provide the best quality Ayurvedic products.

Website Usage Eligibility:

In the terms, ‘You’ means an individual or a company or corporate body and it means that when you use the website, you agree to the terms. Anyone 18 years of age and above can use the website after accepting the Terms and Policy. If any person is found to violate the above age requirements, Alpha Arogya Pvt. Ltd. reserves the right to refuse to provide you access to the website.

Website Content and Copyrights policies:

The website content on Alpha Arogya website can be website design, product information, images, pictures, text, blog content, graphics, banners, marketing content, videos, themes, whether publicly posted or privately transmitted are copyright protected. Alpha Arogya will make all efforts to safeguard the interest and rights of the website designers, marketing teams, with respect to their expertise.

Credit Card Details:

Any Credit Card transaction made on our website will be at your full discretion. When you avail products or services on our website, you agree, understand and confirm that the credit card details provided are correct and accurate. Your use of credit card must be lawful and owned by you. We do not store any credit card information or net banking information on our site. If a transaction is interrupted or an authorization from the respective bank is not received by us, we deem the transaction as failed and the order will not be processed. If an amount was deducted from your account, the amount will be credited back to you within the stipulated time. We do not take responsibility, if your credit card was fraudulently used to buy products from our website, the liability will be on you.

Electronic Communications:

When you visit Alpha Arogya and place an order to buy products, you can connect with us via emails, feedback, contact form, calls, social media pages etc. You also permit us to communicate Alpha Arogya promotional offers via email, message etc. Unless you specifically instruct us in writing not to communicate with you, you will continue to receive such offers.

Website usage for the following purposes is not allowed:

  1. Disseminating objectionable or vulgar or obscene material unlawfullythat could harass, abuse, threaten, harm anyone.
  2. Third party intellectual property rights being infringed.
  3. Material being transmitted that amounts to criminal offense, results in civil liability or is in breach of laws, regulations etc.
  4. Unauthorized access to computer systems.
  5. Connect with website and conduct interference or disruption of networks or websites.
  6. Transmit or store electronic copies of website content as it is protected by copyright without Alpha Arogya’s permission.

Reviews, Feedback or Testimonials:

All reviews, feedback or testimonials received at Alpha Arogya on its website shall remain as its property. We hold exclusive rights to use this content for commercial purposes and will be displayed on the website with some modifications. We can any time remove or edit any comments on the website, and you grant us the right to use the name used to make the comments. If anyone uses your name or email address falsely, we will not be responsible for using the name on our website, however if you place a request in writing to omit such material, we can comply with it after due consideration.

Return Policy:

Since all the products of Alpha Arogya are for consumer use, there is no return policy once the products is used for more than one time. However, there are exceptions to this term and can be considered after due consideration. All products contain herbs and natural ingredients, hence there are no side effects recorded when using the products. But the products must be used accordance to the instructions that accompany the products, to avoid any problems.

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