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Alpha Arogya

Alpha KRT

Alpha KRT

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Alpha KRT is an effective Ayurvedic medicine for snoring problem. We believe that sleep is an integral part of our well-being and Alpha KRT will be able to provide an uninterrupted and complete sleep, making you energetic the next day.

Snoring is a kind of sleep disorder where the snorer experiences irregular breathing and must not be ignored, as it affects the snorer as well as the people around them. According to Ayurveda, snoring happens due to excess of kapha dosha where build-up of mucus happens near the throat muscles, particularly the diaphragm. If snoring is not treating immediately, it could lead to more serious problems like blood supply to the brain, eye problems, asthma or sinus, thyroid glands are affected and more. There is good news though, Alpha KRT is a snoring medicine in Ayurveda that can treat this disorder.

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