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Alpha Arogya

Alpha ENB

Alpha ENB

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Alpha ENB is a unique Ayurvedic age-old treatment for ear or nose pain also well known as Nabhi Chitikta (Belly Button Treatment). It is unique because it is administered in the belly button. Why you may ask? In Ayurveda, the belly button holds the secret to cure all kinds of ailments and pains since around 72,000 nerves are connected with vital parts of our body, including the ear and nose. Alpha ENB is an Ayurvedic treatment for ear pain and is an effective nose bleeding treatment medicine.

In Ayurveda, the belly button is the gateway to a healthy life. A displaced belly button also causes many diseases since it is directly connected to the internal organs, hence it is important to get it corrected. Did you know the belly button also contains different types of good bacteria that aid in keeping our good health and also germs? When you use Alpha ENB, you will be able to clean the germs and keep the good bacteria to work well for your body.

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