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Alpha Arogya

Alpha Dur Drishti

Alpha Dur Drishti

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Alpha Dur Drishti is an Ayurvedic eyedrop for improving eyesight. Eyes are an important part of our body, yet many people do not take care of them and are prone to digital eye strain. According to a 2016 Digital Eye Strain Report by the Vision Council, about 73% of young people are prone to digital eye strain.

You may be straining your eyes in front of digital devices and this could result in an increase in eye power or headaches as the optic nerves are tired or even damage your eyes permanently or Glaucoma etc. Young children could experience problems like myopia, or near-sightedness. Hence, taking care of your eyes is essential and Dur Drishti, an ayurvedic treatment for eyesight improvement is beneficial to repair damaged cells, restore and improve vision for you and your family.

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