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Alpha 11

Alpha 11

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Headaches are very common and can disrupt your entire day by causing discomfort and exhaustion. By taking headache pills is not a solution as they may help in reducing the pain now, but affect your kidneys or other body parts in the long term. Hence, your answer lies in Alpha 11, a magical Ayurvedic medicine for headache or severe headache.

Did you know headaches can be categorized into three types? These are based on the imbalance caused in your doshas - Vata, Pitta, and Kapha. When you follow Ayurvedic cure for headache by using Alpha 11, it helps in balancing your Vata, Pitta, and Kapha doshas.

Vata Headache: This is a throbbing headache caused due to constipation and stiff upper body – neck, shoulders, and back. This can be treated by applying Alpha 11 on the head, back, neck and shoulders. It relaxes the body.

Pitta Headache: This headache is caused due to overexertion, especially when you are outside in the sun or when you eat spicy food. This can be treated with Alpha 11, Ayurvedic headache medicine. It helps your mind cool down and tames the pitta that is aggravated due to heat.

Kapha Headache: This headache is caused due to congestion in the nose and throat and usually occurs in between changes in seasons, when there are viruses that affect people with low immunity. Alpha 11 helps in removing congestion and clears any clogging due to infection in the respiratory organs.

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