Alpha Magic Mat

Drive away Insects and Rodents without killing them, in an organic and non-poisonous way.
With Alpha Magic Mats, forget the days of removing dead Rats, Lizards, Worms and Cockroaches after poisoning them. In other words, Alpha Magic Mats are not fatal. The hazards of killing Insects or Rodents, emotional or environmental concerns can thus be avoided.

Insect And Rodent Repeller

Useful For:-

  • Residences
  • Restaurants
  • Food godowns
  • Shops
  • Agricultural Fields
  • Commercial Complexes
  • Factories
Peel off the label or plastic wrap of a mat and keep it in the area of infestation. One mat is enough for an area of 100-150 sq.ft. Use more mats as needed.


Keep away from the source of heat and moisture.

How it works:-

Usage of Alpha Magic Mats temporarily affects the mucous membrane of Rats, Lizards, Worms, Cockroaches or any other insects and rodents.Due to its smell, they start developing a fear and hence, go away from that area.

Ingredients/घटक: -

Amla, neem, bitter gourd, betel leaf, lavender, jaggery, bilpatra, mahoo flower, celery, peppermint, nilgiri, cloves, ginger, garlic, mint, camphor, kanchhari etc.

आवला, नीम, करेला, पान, लैवेंडर, गुड़हल का फूल, बिल्बपत्र, महुए का फूल, अजवाइन का फूल, पिपरमिंट, निलगिरी, लौंग, अदरक, लहसून, पुदीना, कपूर कांचहरी इत्यादि |

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