Alpha Sakhi comes in the form of a liquid drop, which is of red colour. It is mainly used to cure periodical problems of girls and women. It contains mixture of various herbal oils and base oil. As it is Ayurvedic Medicine, it is suitable for every girl and women. Alpha Sakhi is purely an Ayurvedic Medicine and useful in all types of menstrual problems.

Ayurvedic Medicine For Periods Problem

Dosage: -

Shake well the vial and dissolve three drops in a glass of warm to hot water.First two days: - Every eight hours, take three times in a day. Third day: - Every twelve hours, take two times in a day. Fourth and fifth day: - To be having trouble, take once in a day. Heat in the body increasing, stop its intake.

Instructions: -

Drink more and more water. Take the full rest on the first day. It is necessary to take milk and nutritions.

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